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When tissue is damaged, one of the body’s first inflammatory immune-system responders are macrophages, cells which are commonly thought of as “construction workers” that clear away damaged tissue debris and initiate repair. However, prolonged inflammation promotes the progression of many diseases, including obesity.

Overnutrition, an excess intake of calories which can lead to obesity, causes a build-up of fat that can significantly damage tissues. When this happens, macrophages infiltrate the affected tissues and help repair damaged tissue.   However, extended stress on these tissues activates inflammatory characteristics in macrophages that contribute to several systemic effects of obesity including diabetes, atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular disease.

Levels of inflammation present in circulation are known to increase with age.  Research suggests that one source of inflammation is the change in the diversity of the gut microbiota (gut bacteria). This altered state of health in the gut can increase the levels of intestinal macrophages as they try to maintain gut balance by clearing out increased levels of debris.

The key to ensuring we have a healthy level of diversity in our gut flora is found in our diet.  We need to eat more fibre (both soluble and non-soluable fibre) which is found mainly in vegetables, pulses, nuts and wholegrains and avoiding processed foods.

Our menu is in the process of being updated, considering all the latest research, and structured to meet your nutrition needs and supporting your health goals. Watch this space for more news.


Ensure you have enough fibre in your diet.

Remember vegetables are a good source of anti-oxidants  which are essential in lowering inflammation.

Speak to Jennifer Hargreaves our Nutrition Practitioner about prebiotics and probiotics and whether they are right for you.

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