Stay cool

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1, Drinking cold water

We all know that Keeping yourself hydrated is very important.  drinking COLD water during your workouts will help reduce your body temperature. Also consuming cold foods like salads, cold meats and pre-prepared food that was cook last night will also help with this.

TIP, Try freezing you water before coming to the gym or taking part in a class. This will not only keep your water nice and cold but also help regulate your water intake as it slowly melts. (Sip it don’t gulp it)

2, Wearing breathable clothing

Wear breathable clothing like cottons and linens and other natural fabrics. This will allow the sweat on you body to evaporate, this is what cools you down. Heavy fabrics tend to cling to your skin and create a layer of heat between the fabric and your body. Not ideal!

TIP, wear lightly coloured clothing. Dark colours like black and dark blues and reds absorb the heat.

3, Don’t use antiperspirant

No one likes to spell but wearing antiperspirants can temporarily block you pores and stops your body undergoing its natural prosses of Thermoregulation (sweating). Thus stopping you from cooling off.

TIP, Try using deodorant instead of antiperspirant. Deodorant will kill the bacteria tucked away warm places like armpits.  No bacteria to mix with the sweat means no smell.


For more tips, tricks and hints, speak to our PT Tom Wrapson –

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