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What classes do we have to offer?

Our group exercise programme includes all the usual high-intensity classes but – as you can see – it’s also full of Pilates, yoga and related fitness modalities. We want to give our members access to the full range of ‘softer’* disciplines because we believe they offer key fitness benefits to mature adults.

*Disclaimer – not our word, we know there’s nothing soft about many of them!

Qi Gong

Qi Gong cleanses, strengthens and circulates life energy (QI).  Embracing breathing techniques, correct body alignment, gentle movement and meditation


Pilates works the core. The result? Improved back, hip and neck function. If you are looking for better posture and higher energy levels, Pilates is for you.

Yogic Sleep

This class will guide you into a deep state of relaxation.  Do bring blankets and pillows as you lie down throughout the class.

Just Breathe

Learn a variety of gentle mind, body and breath exercises to de-stress and restore your inner sense of peace. Suitable for all levels including complete beginners


Slow down. Be still. The practice of breath and mind exercises will help you feel calmer, clearer and more peaceful from the inside out.

Pure Stretch

Improve your core strength and flexibility with this fun stretch class. This session is suitable for anyone who wants to have fun, mobilise through movement and really stretch those tight muscles. Suitable for all.

T’ai Chi

Seen by many as the ultimate moving meditation, T’ai Chi is a traditional practice for body and mind. It stimulates and rebalances the energy in your body through gentle flowing movements.

Group Cycling

Group cycling has evolved over the years into a truly interactive workout for all fitness levels. You work at your own pace, engaging both your mind and body.


An ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, flexibility and breathing to boost physical and mental well-being. Beginners Yoga courses run at regular intervals for those new to Yoga and are an additional cost.

Circuit Training

Circuit training has endured because it combines cardio and strength training, but doesn’t require any special attributes like co-ordination or balance. A tough and effective workout.

Hatha Yoga

Hatha yoga uses alignment, posture and breathing to improve strength and flexibility. You will learn asanas that, when combined with correct breathing, will help you to focus mind and body.

Body Attack

This high energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic moves with strength and stabilisation exercises.  Designed to build strength and stamina.  This class is not for the faint hearted.


With Latin origins Zumba now also embraces hip-hop, reggae, flamenco and African influences. If you like to follow the beat, Zumba’s the one for you.


In addition to being a great workout, Aqua classes are ideal for those recovering from injury or with joint problems.

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar Yoga uses belts and blocks to increase intensity and get the body properly aligned. A range of poses that cultivate strength, flexibility, stability and awareness.

Boot Camp

If you like a workout that challenges you, this high energy, up-tempo class is for you. Join Bootcamp and let our instructors put you through your paces.

Body ConditioningTM

Shape and strengthen the whole body with exercises that use your body weight and some small pieces of equipment as resistance. This class will get you in shape fast.

Run Club

A friendly group who run/jog 5km outside in all weathers at their own speed around Angmering/Rustington.  The class is to improve your running ability and allow you to run with other people.


A high energy, low impact class that continues to reinvent itself to meet the needs of an ever-changing audience. Step is still one of the most comprehensive workouts on the menu.

Women's Weights

Run by our Gym Team this 45 minutes class is designed to help women prevent or reduce the likelihood of Osteoporosis by improving muscular strength and tone through small group training exercises.  If you love Body Pump but can’t do the class due to injury, then this is the session for you.

Body PumpTM

Using barbells, plates and steps, this class challenges the whole body with set routines choreographed to a pumped-up soundtrack. Great for muscle definition.


This is a short sharp workout that tightens and tones the muscles of the core, improves functionality and strengthens and mobilises the whole body.

Body CombatTM

Body Combat is based on a mixture of martial arts and choreographed routines – all with no contact or equipment. If you’re looking to torch calories this one is for you.

Body BalanceTM

An inspired soundtrack plays as you bend and stretch through a series of simple yoga moves and embrace elements of T’ai Chi and Pilates. You’ll strengthen your entire body and leave the class feeling calm and centred.

Swim Fit

A fast moving, high intensity group workout, Swim Fit combines full body training with expert coaching to burn calories and improve your swimming technique.

Box Fit

This is an exercise class based on the training concepts boxers use to keep fit using gloves and pads and working in pairs or small groups.  Great fun with different exercise each week.

Fitness Pilates

A fusion of two disciplines, Fitness Pilates combines functional fitness with traditional Pilates. Good for strengthening the core, this class is Pilates with added intensity.

Flow Yoga

Broadly based on the principles of Vinyasa, Flow Yoga harmonises each asana into a flowing pattern that, when synchronised with the breath, develops strength, balance and flexibility.


High Intensity Interval Training requires 100% effort. Our gym team will take you through quick, intense bursts of exercise followed by short recovery periods.  You do not need to do more than 20 minutes of this session to burn fat and work hard.


This is a high/low impact class which is designed to get your heart pumping, burn off body fat and improve your shape, strength and tone.  This fun session will take you back to the origins of class based exercise.  Get your trainers on, however leg warmers are optional!

Legs, Bums & Tums

Working all those stubborn areas, this class will burn fat, tone up and shape the thighs, buttocks and abdominals both standing and floor based exercises will be used.

Rave Aerobics

A high impact, fun dance class that features rave music from the nineties and noughties. Dance away to both classic and modern trance music with the help of some glow sticks.

Strictly Lanes

This dance class will cover Cha-cha-cha, Rumba, Jive, Paso Doble, Samba, Waltz, Quickstep, Foxtrot and Tango.  No partner required but if you have one do bring them along.

Use It or Lose It - Specialist Class

Aimed at those over the age of 60 or for those members who are unable to go to the floor, this class is a mixture of easy and fun exercise moves designed to improve balance, strength, mobility and brain function.