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Our kind of blue rinse!

Great for cardio and strength, gentle on the joints – water-based exercise is more central to our programming than in most clubs. Swimming laps is an exercise as old as the hills because it’s such a fantastic way to train. But for those that prefer to work out in a group aqua classes allow you to find your own level. They can be as tough (or as easy) as you like. It all depends on how hard you want to work. Or, if you want to just splash about and relax – go for it!


At Lanes we have a 25-metre pool that comes with no children – apart from 3.30pm to 5:30pm daily – which means you can plough up and down to their hearts’ content. Locker hire is free. If you forget your towel, we’ve got some at the front desk to hire £2. You can also have as many as you like each month as part of our monthly towel hire members costs £17.50 a month .


Aqua – In addition to being a great workout, Aqua classes are ideal for those recovering from injury or with joint problems. Swim Fit – A fast moving, high intensity group workout, Swim Fit combines full body training with expert coaching to burn calories and improve your swimming technique.

Learn to swim

We offer Adult Swimming lessons & Children Swimming lesson, both one-to-one and group lessons.

We offer swimming lessons which are tailored to you whether you are afraid of water or training for a triathlon, we have the skills to help you achieve your goal. All our lessons are 30 minutes and taught by experienced, qualified and friendly swimming teachers.

Our private swimming lessons are organised at a time and day that suits you (Subject to pool availability). These lessons will focus on entirely what you would like to work on with regards to your swimming technique. There will be a maximum of 6 people in one group lesson. These will focus on the all the fundamentals of swimming lessons and will not necessarily be one stroke focused unless everyone in the class agrees.