The Strong Survive!

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An inescapable fact of life is that as we age, we lose muscle and we lose strength. From the age of 30 we lose roughly 3-8% of muscle every decade. This process or disease is called Sarcopenia and in adults over the age of 65, is prevalent in about 20% of the population. In Adults 80+, it’s greater than half of the population.

Now when you lose strength and power you lose balance and are more predisposed to falls and fractures. This is a strong risk factor for loss of independence, injuries and diseases. Current research indicates strong links between muscle wastage and the following diseases; Cancer, Heart failure, Renal Failure, Rheumatoid and osteoarthritis and others.

Unfortunately, inactivity, immobilisation and bed rest increases the rate at which muscle mass wastes! Recent studies suggest if people aged over 70 are immobile for 10 days or more, you can lose up to 10% of your muscle mass! Something an average person would take just over a decade to lose!

If you’re like us then you want to avoid these things, but how do we do it? Well it’s very simple, and easier than you might think!

Using a combination of resistance training and progressive overload, we are able to slow and in some cases, reverse the process! At Lanes Health Clubs we employ simple bodyweight exercises and specific weight-training, using our specialist, easy to use the equipment. This helps maintain muscle mass and in as little as 12 weeks you’ll hopefully see a noticeable difference in overall movement, mobility, power and strength.

With longevity, independence and quality of life so intrinsically linked to muscle mass, the strong really do survive!

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