The Lanes Personalised Introductory Gym Experience

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Have you found yourself wanting to join the gym but not really knowing where to start? Here at Lanes Health Clubs we offer an extensive induction to our gym facility.

We can appreciate that you may be nervous to join the gym for the first time, but we want to reassure you that there is nothing to be fearful of and support is always available to you.

What is an Extensive Induction?

An extensive gym induction takes an hour and a half to go through every element of your gym experience. If, however, you are rushed for time, we also offer a 30-minute induction which walks you through the gym floor and allows the opportunity for you to ask any questions that you may have.
Not only do our highly qualified personal trainers slowly talk you through how to use each piece of equipment one at a time, they also take special care and consideration when answering all the questions you may have for each machine.

Although we know it can look daunting to try a machine that you’ve previously not used, but our personal trainers are here to make sure that you’re bursting with confidence when you next decide to use the gym by yourself. Our inductions are personalised to you and take into account your goals and fitness history to tailor every part of the experience to you!

What will I learn that is different from previous gym inductions?

Since every gym is different and equipment varies, our induction aims to enable you to feel at ease with the use of all equipment for those who are and are not tech-savvy. Since our recent renovation in January 2019, we now offer the highest quality Technogym machinery which is state-of-the-art with wire technology which can be found alongside the traditional free weight versions of the machines.

Our machines also link to our smartphone app. All you have to do is log into the App using your Lanes login and scan the machine and it not only logs your performance but also provides you with any pre-set programmes that you have set up for yourself or with your personal trainer. This set up is all explained to you during your induction so that you feel comfortable with every part of your gym experience letting you get the most out of your workout.

It gives you a chance to get a feel for the gym floor, meet our welcoming staff members and really start to make yourself at home. We will not only go through the gym facility with you, but we will also help you get the absolute most out of your membership.

As a member here at lanes, you will have full access to all the facilities that we have to offer from taking a post-workout dip in the jacuzzi, taking your workout to the lengths of the pool, to enjoying the tranquil experience of the steam room and sauna. We also offer up to 100 classes per week which includes fast paced, high intensity interval training as well as relaxation classes such as yoga. There will always be a class suited to you which can be booked on our app. If you are new to classes, Don’t worry! Our team can advise you on which classes will be best suited to your interests and goals.
We have everything you could need under one roof. Our wellness rooms allow you to relax and unwind where members will receive discount on all treatments all year round. The café is the heart of the club where you can relax, socialise, and unwind – non-members are also welcome!

How is the induction personalised to me?

Our inductions are personalised to each member individually and offers a detailed and informative insight into many aspects of your body as a whole. We use a scientific measurement of your body composition which computes an assessment of your weight, BMI, body fat percentage, muscle mass percentage, total body water, visceral fat level, metabolic age and more. These numbers are a starting point at where you are and will help you decide where you want to be. Everyone’s fitness goals are different.
These are very important measures to keep track of when assessing your overall health and fitness. This information is completely complimentary during your induction which you can make use of and follow up on weekly, monthly or annually as you wish to track your progress just by asking a member of staff in the gym.

Induction Testimonial

“I have always been very unconfident when it comes to using the gym and previously, I would worry that I was using equipment wrong or that other gym members were judging the way I was working out. Since my induction with Rob Lancaster, one of the personal trainers at Lanes, I have grown in confidence when using all pieces of gym equipment, I feel comfortable and proficient with using any machine in the gym.”

“I have also taken the information that Rob provided me with about my basal metabolic rate which he clearly explained to be my maintenance calorie number which I used to my advantage and with a goal of losing weight, I have already started to lose weight. I also enjoy interval training on the treadmill and Rob kindly talked me through the set up for this, so I never needed to work anything out for myself and I was ready to go! I love that the gym equipment links to my Lanes Health Club App so that I can track everything that I do and to save my own personal gym programme which is brilliant!” – Gemma.

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Break The Ordinary with Lanes

At Lanes we have a straightforward philosophy. Throughout our lives our bodies change –
and what we want from a health club changes too.

Everyone has their own reason for joining a health club, that’s why we tailor our offerings to you.

Feeling good is as important as looking good.