We all know we should stay active, keep up with exercise and live a healthy lifestyle. One of the greatest benefits of exercise, along with stimulating the development of muscles, bones, joints, heart and lungs, is that it boosts mood and wellbeing.

Exercising is different for every person; what they enjoy, what they are able to take part in, cost, accessibility and more. You are never too old to improve your fitness levels.

To remain healthy or to improve overall health adults aged 19 to 65+ years need to complete at least an aerobic and strength activity each week.

Just 150 minutes (2.5 hours) a week, only 21 minutes a day, of cycling or jogging and strength training that works all major muscle groups is recommended.

The NHS endorses that a good rule to work by is; One minute of vigorous activity provides the same health benefits as two minutes of moderate activity.

There are countless factors to staying active, but these are some of the top reasons to exercise;

  • Heart, lung and bone strength
  • Regulates blood pressure
  • Increases metabolism
  • Reduces blood sugar levels
  • Aids in the prevention of cancer and major diseases
  • Manage symptoms of anxiety and depression

Weight-baring exercises in particular help against osteoporosis and walking whenever you can aids heart health.

Up to six in 10 people in the UK suffer from lower back pain at some time in their life. But with exercise it is less likely to occur, can be eased and reduces the chances of it returning.

Some more numbers that may convince you to do more, whatever your age – Exercise can reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, type 2 diabetes by up to 50%.