Lanes Health Club Rustington has recently refurbished the gym with brand new equipment from Technogym the leading company in the fitness and wellness sector.

Along with the popular rowing, cycling and running machines the gym now includes a full range of strength equipment with touchscreen displays and the innovative non-motorised curved running product Skill Mill.

The Excite range of cardio machines come with simple one button push quick start or for those familiar with the digital world, it offers personalised entertainment, engaging and interesting workouts, runs in very interesting environments like the Grand Canyon or on the beach and further advanced features that make training fun and effective for everyone.

The Lanes gym also features the unique Kinesis machines that offers more freedom and a huge variety of workout possibilities, with over 300 exercises and movement patterns.

Lanes Health Clubs Owner Chris Lane commented: “At Lanes we echo the Technogym mission to help people live better and we can do this more effectively now with the best possible gym equipment. With the addition of all of the new equipment there truly is something for everyone and we have worked hard to make the process as seamless as possible for members.

“The problem with health clubs in the UK is they are mostly so very intimidating to those that have not grown up with it all so it  is crucial that this new equipment is very easy to use and the gym team is always on hand to explain how to get the best out of the equipment and we’re also holding drop-in sessions on how to use, and get the most from  the kit.”

The functional training equipment also allows trainers and individuals to track performance using the cloud-based MyWellness app. It provides visualization and allows the user to track progress against their chosen fitness goal and see immediate improvement as it happens.

Technogym is known all over the world as The Wellness Company – a company that has helped to develop the hedonistic concept of ‘fitness’ into a true lifestyle: Wellness. Living the Wellness lifestyle means regular physical activity, correct nutrition, and a positive mental attitude.