Our Members Success Stories

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We are incredibly lucky to work with some fantastic people and nothing is more pleasing than to hear about their individual successes. Below are few comments from some wonderful members who took control of their lives and with the guidance of the fitness team, have been able to dramatically improve their health.


Sharons Story

‘Jenny is fantastic! She is really supportive and encouraging. She clearly explained my DNA results which has helped me understand what I need to eat to ensure my body gets the nutrients it needs. The whole process has been enlightening and very worthwhile!

Thank you Team’


Melissa’s story

‘What a massive help Jenny has been in showing me what I need to improve in my diet. Her ongoing support is what I’ve needed, not only for my weight loss but my mental health too! My DNA test helped me understand why I have Fibromyalgia and how I can try and manage it while continually improving my health!

Thank you!’


Paul’s Story

‘Since meeting Jenny and changing my diet and the way I feel about food I have never felt better. I am more focussed. More organised. More effective every day

Thank you Jenny and team’


What would success look like to you? Lose your first stone? Improve blood pressure? More pain free movement? Six pack? What ever your goal, know that the team at Lanes will work as hard as they can to help you reach it.

The consistent theme that underpins every testimonial we receive regardless of the individual outcomes, is that the members quality of life has improved. Often it’s the unexpected returns that become the primary motivating factor to make consistent changes.


Progress isn’t linear, nor is it easy. It requires dedication, commitment, sometimes a little guidance and the aggregation of small changes you make every day.


If you’re interested in speaking to the team to see how we can help then drop us an email info@laneshealthclubs.co.uk and we’ll do our best to help! You never know, you could be our next success story!

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