Meet the Team: Lewis – Our Masterchef!

Front of Lanese health club building entrance

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At Lanes we care about more than just your health and fitness. We care that you are made to feel welcome at Lanes, that you are respected and that you know we are interested in you.


The Lanes team is invested in you and that you do not feel intimidated. With this in mind we would like to introduce you to our newest member of the Lanes Healthclubs team. Get to know the team that are there to support you.


Our new chef, Lewis has been with us for threeweeks and has already got ideas for the menu, he let us know how his first few weeks have been: “I am happy to cater for Lanes customers. It is important that there is a face to the food at Lanes and that there is someone who cares about the food.


“I come from an extensive background where presentation and freshness is key and I will be applying that at Lanes. The staff here are amazing, its friendly, its clean, the facilities are top notch and I want members to sit down and order a meal and for it to match and make sense, for it to be on par with everything else that surrounds them. I don’t want people to have a great workout with a great instructor then sit down and have something that is below that par. I want them to have confidence in all of the facilities at Lanes not just the swimming pool or the gym.

“I have had various roles, most recently before joining Lanes I was kitchen manager at a fresh vegan chain in Chichester. I have come from a rosette-standard restaurant background with a lot of experienced people for the last 20 years.



“The people at Lanes are great, it is a lovely environment. Everyone has been nice and friendly since I arrived. Everyone at Lanes is likeminded it is really open and fresh and everyone helps each other and it is a nice environment to be in.”


In the future Lewis has some cool new ideas for the cafe, watch out!


We care more, we do more, we offer more.

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Break The Ordinary with Lanes

At Lanes we have a straightforward philosophy. Throughout our lives our bodies change –
and what we want from a health club changes too.

Everyone has their own reason for joining a health club, that’s why we tailor our offerings to you.

Feeling good is as important as looking good.