Lanes becomes one of the first health clubs in the UK to offer fitness DNA analysis.

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Lanes becomes one of the first health clubs in the UK to offer fitness DNA analysis.

We are pleased to have partnered with UK-based DNA analysis providers FitnessGenes to help you optimise your fitness by unlocking your unique genetic makeup.

As well as identifying the individual genetic variations that you carry, our latest service will provide insights into your optimal workout, nutrition and lifestyle strategies to help you achieve your fitness goals as efficiently as possible.

How does DNA influence your response to fitness?

The primary function of DNA is to regulate the production of proteins that we need for everyday function and health. These may be enzymes that help breakdown food, antibodies that protect us against disease, or hormones that send messages to and from the brain.

There are also a number of proteins which influence your response to different workout, nutrition and lifestyle strategies. By unlocking your individual genome and understanding your production levels of these proteins, we can then identify the strategies that you are most likely to respond to.

What can I learn from my DNA?

The genetic insights that you receive from FitnessGenes are divided between three categories: exercise, nutrition and lifestyle.


By looking at the genes that influence your response to different exercise strategies, you’ll learn how to structure your workouts to ensure that you are making every minute count. Some of the questions your genetic insights will answer include:

1.       How many times a week should I exercise?

2.       Am I a high volume or a low volume responder?

3.       Do I need short or long rest periods between sets and intervals?

4.       Should I perform exercises quickly or slowly?


Regarding your nutrition and diet, the DNA analysis can identify your optimal calorie and macronutrient blueprint to make sure you are getting enough of the right foods for proper recovery and improved body composition results. Some of the questions your genetic insights will answer include:

1.       How many calories should I eat per day based on my calories?

2.       How should I divide these daily calories between carbohydrates, fats and protein?

3.       Which types of fats are good for me, and which should I avoid?

4.       Do I have increased fibre requirements?

5.       Am I lactose tolerant or intolerant?


The final insight category looks at lifestyle changes you should consider, to improve both health and physical performance. These cover a range of topics from sleep quality, to supplements, to snacking tendencies. Some of the questions your genetic insights will answer include:

1.       Am I a fast or slow metaboliser of caffeine?

2.       Do I have an increased preference for sugary snacks?

3.       Which vitamins and minerals do I have an increased requirement for?

4.       How can I improve the quality of my sleep?


Sharing your results

Once you have received your genetic results and insights, you can share these with the training and nutrition teams here at Lanes Health Club so that they can genetically tailor your workout and diet plans. What’s more personalised than that?!


Unlock your fitness genes

Want to know exactly what makes you, you? What you respond to best and what you should avoid? How you can get the most out of your time with Lanes?


If you would like to know more or feel this could be the next step in your fitness journey contact the Lanes gym team who have the FitnessGenes kits ready. Along with taking a sample of your DNA you will receive one hour with Lanes Nutritionist Jennifer Hargreaves and one hour with a Personal Trainer to help you understand and gain the maximum benefit from your results.

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