What is EAM?

Exercise as medicine, EAM for short, was created with the intention of helping people. As a club we see a variety of health issues on daily basis, some more severe than others but all with the hope that exercise and nutrition could make them better!

Each week we are approached by people looking for help with their condition and in some cases simply getting into a regime of simple but effective exercises is enough to alleviate the stress they may be under. For a lot of others however, that isn’t enough. They require more time, more care, more attention and a level of qualification at the time, we simple did not have! There is nothing more demoralising as a ‘health club’ to be unable to help someone with an issue directly related to their health. Something had to change.

When we floated the idea of running a membership specific to people with chronic conditions we knew we had to be specific about what would qualify for the membership and what we could safely, professionally accommodate. After much back and forth and with the introduction of Jenny to our fitness team (you’ll hear more about jenny later) we decided to start small and build.

For those of you who already know Jenny, you’ll understand us when we say that she is fantastic! Jenny has been in the industry for 18 years now in various capacities but all with the purpose of helping others. She has a wealth of experience, qualifications and we knew as soon as she arrived she was the person to head up this program!

Accompanying Jenny in delivering the program is our fitness Director Ash. A larger than life character whose motivation is purely to help people and get the very best results for his clients. His experience is second to none and his upbeat positive attitude is precisely what we needed when working with EAM clients.

So, we had the people and thanks to jenny’s qualifications we had an area of focus to start, cardiac. The program started small, without advertising, without fuss, without expectation and with a rough structure we knew would evolve. What we discovered very early on, is the link between so many chronic conditions and how selectively treating one and ignoring the others simply wouldn’t work.

In steps Cancer United.

Cancer United is a local charity established with the sole purpose of bringing people together who have been diagnosed with cancer. They help in their treatment, recovery and wellbeing through the means of support groups and fun, engaging exercise programs. Growing every year, the charity now runs a training system ‘CU Fitter’. Perfectly summarised on their site as follows;

‘CU Fitter™ is the first structured, cancer-specific exercise training programme of its kind. It delivers a carefully designed suite of exercise initiatives to hundreds of cancer sufferers across the South East.

This science-based training programme was developed by a high-profile group of experts. Leaders in their field, they collaborated to create a holistic initiative, which encompassed every aspect of cancer exercise, from the clinical to the psychological’

Quickly becoming recognised as experts in what they do, Cancer United are shifting paradigms and changing perceptions in.

We got in touch, met with them and with that, the EAM team have just this week completed the course and are now embarking on the rigorous assessments and comprehensive screenings to qualify them as professionals, capable of working with people who have cancer, in an exercise capacity.  (for more information on Cancer United, the work they do, the team or updated please visit their site https://www.cancerunited.org.uk/

So, what is the program?

The program is simple; EAM provides a specific membership and exercise program to those people who are suffering from Cardiac conditions and Cancer.

Set between 2-5 every day the program will include condition specific classes and will allow the members to participate in two per week with access to the club as well. If suitable and appropriate, our members will be able to use the other facilities such as the gym, swimming pool and spa facilities (with guidance of course!). Each prospective member will under go a thorough screening, and consultation to make sure that the correct safety and risks assessments are followed to the letter!

The consultation is £20 and will involve an in-depth assessment, so be prepared to fill out some forms! The membership is then £45 per month and covers your specific classes each week alongside any additional use of the club during those times!

When does it start?

Maintaining quality is of paramount importance for us so we will be capping the membership numbers. As far as the cardiac aspect of the program goes, we are now live and able to accept clients on board. The addition of the Cancer program will start in roughly 12 weeks time once the necessary qualifications have been achieved.

In Summary

We are incredibly excited about this program. It’s rare, its specific and it has the potential to really help people. We aren’t health care professionals and we would never pretend to be. Who we are, is a small group of people dedicated to making every effort to ensure, where possible, exercise and nutrition is used in a positive way to improve peoples lives.

If you are unsure and want some more information, then please get in touch. None of this is guess work. Everything we do is backed by evidence-based research. We defer to the experts. We are informed by the experts and will continue to do so.

It’s still early and we know the program will undoubtedly change and evolve. For any questions, queries please email:  EAM@laneshealthclubs.co.uk