Chinese Takeaway

Did you know that in developed countries such as ours the odds of women developing breast cancer or men developing prostate cancer are 9-1, but in China the breast cancer odds are 5000-1 and prostate cancer are 59,000-1? (Source Patrick Holford). Same with a bunch of other health issues.

Yes well it’s all because of their genes isn’t?

Actually no – when Chinese people move to the land of milk and honey they too get sick. The Chinese health record is largely due to a superior diet and more activity.

One of the most serious threats to the way we live our lives right now – and the sustainability of the NHS – is the fact that one-in-six people over the age of forty have diabetes and that number is rising. Diabetes stems from an inability to produce insulin, which leads to an over supply of sugar in the body. The really good news is that diabetes can be prevented and controlled by sensible diet and regular exercise (more information

Question from one of our readers: would it help if I had Chinese takeaways?

If you get them from China, possibly, but you need to order them three weeks in advance and they are often lukewarm when they get here.