Beef Up Your Back

If you manage to go through life without experiencing a dodgy back at some stage collect £200 as you pass GO, for you are truly blessed.

Sadly the backache stats show that most of us are highly unlikely to get our hand on the 200 quid.

In the old days, dodgy backs were largely treated with rest, but today enlightened healthcare professionals tend to adopt an active approach to managing back problems, that starts with prevention.

There are numerous ways of strengthening the low back – machines, free weights, exercise balls and simple isometric exercises like the plank – but no matter what you choose, the right resistance coupled with good technique (keep it slow and controlled) is particularly important. You should also remember that the muscles of the low back work in tandem with the abdominals and if you are working on one, you should be working on the other.

It’s also pretty important to stretch the low back as part of a balanced approach.