10 Tips to keep the pounds off this Festive Season!

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If you’re looking for some easy to follow tips to help you survive the Festive Season, our in-house Nutritionist, Jennifer Hargreaves, has compiled a list of foolproof tips:

Eat a healthy Breakfast

People who eat breakfast also eat less then other people during the day.  Healthy options such as porridge, eggs on wholegrain toast keep us fuller for longer.

Keep Moving

Have a swim at the club or a fast walk if the weather is fine every day.  Do what you love.  It’ll burn calories and help reduce the stress we feel at Christmas time.

Eat Mindfully

Savour every bite and flavour.  It’ll give your brain a chance to let your belly know when you’re full.  Chew slowly.

Be Prepared

Have healthy snacks at hand so you’re not tempted by the mince pie or chocolates.  Tangerines or walnuts are good options.

Message your Friends

Ask your friends not to give you a tub of chocolates for Christmas.  A plant or flowers would be a better alternative for your waistline and the environment.

Sleep Well

Watching box sets or movies into the wee small hours affect your sleep rhythm.  When we’re sleep deprived our bodies product more stress hormone which increases appetite.

Don’t pick at food

We lose track of how much we’ve eaten.

Watch your drinks

These contain hidden calories and can increase your sugar cravings.

Eat before your go out

Fill up on healthy food which will stop you diving for the pastries, fried and sugary treats on the buffet.

Learn to say NO

If you really don’t want to eat something, say NO.  Make healthy choices. One mince pie is 250 calories.  You would have to spend 20 minutes doing circuits to burn this off.  Is it worth it?

Enjoy the Christmas Feasts

BUT make healthier choices – fill up on vegetables (not potatoes) and lean turkey.

Weigh yourself regularly

This helps keep you mindful of your indulgences – helps you say NO MORE.


We can often confuse dehydration for hunger and start overeating. Sugary foods and alcohol are prime culprits in causing dehydration.

Go for a walk after lunch every day

Walking is good exercise and takes you out of the house and away from leftovers that wink at you from the fridge.

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