10 Tips for keeping Healthy and Active when you’re aged 40-50 years

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By Rob Wood – Lanes Health Clubs’ very own Duracell Bunny!

Here are my top 10 tips for 40-50 year olds. Follow these to help lead a healthy, active lifestyle…

1: Workout in the morning: This will help improve your brains performance throughout the rest of the day and keep focused, even more so than younger ages.

2: Active commuting: If you drive or take public transport try and cycling or walking, every bit of exercise helps. Plus, you get to save some money!

3: Breakfast: Make sure you get a good breakfast at the start of each day. As we get older, this meal becomes more and more important. You will feel fuller for longer and are therefore less likely to snack on sugary or fatty foods.

4: Sleep: Did you know that waking to an alarm actually raises your blood pressure? Try to have a natural wake up as often as you can so that you can have a relaxed start to your day.

5: Mood: Positivity breeds positivity. Surround yourself with good company in a positive environment and see the stress decline and fitness results rise.

6: Weight training: As we get older, maintaining our fitness becomes harder. Weight training is very important, it doesn’t have to be heavy weights, even lighter weights can have massive benefits, such as improved metabolism and reduced risk of developing problems such as osteoarthritis.

7: Weight: if you are finding it hard to lose weight then try reducing the amount of carbs you consume and increase the amount of protein. More protein means you won’t feel as hungry and your muscles can repair better and quicker after exercise.

8: Rest: Make sure you have those rest days in the week. Give yourself 1 rest day after every 2 days of exercise. Having a 20 min nap in the day is also very beneficial in terms of boosting productivity later in the day.

9: Saunas: Saunas are a great thing to utilise after a workout, not only do these detoxify the body after a workout but can also reduce those stress levels. Make sure you hydrate after too.

10: Look after yourself: make sure you put aside some time every week just for yourself. You can read a book, go out for a nice walk or have a relaxing bath – find something you enjoy and relax.

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