Wellness, Beauty & Massage


Rest and Recover

Current research into health and wellbeing is suggesting that rest and relaxation aren’t luxuries, they’re essential. That gives you permission to sit in the sauna, steam or Jacuzzi with a clear conscience. In fact, if you want to nip in and use our child-free beauty & spa area without going anywhere near the fitness centre, we’ll count it as a workout.


Our Health & Beauty practitioners, Clare and Gill, offer a range of luxurious treatments, from Facials and Waxing to Massage, Pedicures and Manicures at fantastically affordable prices – Lanes Members even get a reduced rate!

We also hold regular promotions and offers, which are displayed around the club and on the Wellness Rooms Facebook page.


We also offer a range of Alternative Wellness treatments, including Thai Massage from Key SallisNaturopathy, Herbal Medicine and Zero Balancing.

Please see below for more information or visit the Wellness Rooms Facebook page.


Alternative Holistic Therapies

We also offer a wide range of alternative holistic therapies